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Would a patio be the perfect accent for your home? Patios are wonderful accents and can provide hours of entertaining and relaxation. Regardless of the patio design you have in mind, we can build it.

Whether you want a patio made of stone, brick or concrete, we can create the patio to your specifications. We work with you to understand the size and shape of the patio, plus how often and in what capacity you plan to use it. Patios can provide hours of sunny lounge time, a location for parties and gatherings, a place for barbecues, or a place to just get away from it all.

We can even build an outdoor kitchen that would make the perfect addition to your patio. Our workmanship will ensure that your get longevity and enjoyment out of your patio. You can count on us to build your patio out of the highest quality materials on the market and to the fullest extent of our abilities. Here at KDoubleH, we can construct you a patio that all of Houston will envy.

When we build your patio, we only charge you for the products and services your project requires. Your satisfaction is our priority. If you are looking for a professionally made custom patio at a reasonable price, look no farther. Call us today at (281) 306-1306 so we can discuss your plans!