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If you need a foundation pad prepared in the Houston area, call on us at KDoubleH. We can take care of all your excavating and dirt work projects. Experienced in all aspects of dirt preparation, we can prepare foundation pads of various sizes for all kinds of construction projects.
We make sure your foundation pad is level and ready for pouring and construction. Our experienced team is even well trained and capable of top notch concrete work, so we can even pour the foundation after the pad is ready.
A foundation pad is an extremely important aspect of any construction project, so you definitely want an experienced team of professionals to handle the job. When you choose us, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the workmanship and the impeccable customer service.
If you have a project that requires a foundation pad, call us for an estimate. We offer affordable, honest pricing. Call us at (281) 306-1306 for more information or for an estimate.