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Tailgating, barbecuing and outdoor get-togethers are major American pastimes. Here at K double H, we are experts when it comes to constructing outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect touch for your gatherings and celebrations.

Regardless of whether you are wanting a simple outdoor kitchen area, or something more extravagant, we can do the job right.

What does an outdoor kitchen entail?

To create the perfect space for entertaining, you have decide how large you need the area to be and decide on the flooring for the patio. Do you want concrete, stone, brick or some other alternative?

What size groups do you plan to invite? Deciding that will have a significant impact on the patio size for the seating area. It will also help you decide what size oven or grill is needed.

For your kitchen area, you will need waterproof cabinets to store your cooking supplies. We can construct those to your specifications. We also can install all of the lighting, ceiling fans, and appliances.

We use only the highest quality, most resilient materials available to make sure your outdoor kitchen can withstand the seasons and the changing climates of South Texas.

Now on to the cooking! Do you want an outdoor oven for magnificent pizza or do you want a large grill for steaks? Depending on your plans, you may even opt for both. You may want to add a fire pit.

You can add a dining area with tables and chairs, or you may prefer having a durable bar constructed around a fireplace. Whatever you dream of your outdoor kitchen area looking like, we can create.

If you are looking for an outdoor kitchen that will provide you with countless years of entertainment, call K double H at (888) 303-5033. We can build you an outdoor kitchen that your friends and family will envy.